Dementia Care: Ways to Enhance Communication

Looking after a loved one with dementia poses several challenges. Individuals with dementia from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease have a progressive brain disorder that makes it increasingly difficult to communicate their needs. As a provider of companion services in South Carolina, we will share ways to enhance communication with a loved one diagnosed with dementia:

  • Establish a positive mood for interaction.

    Before talking to your loved one, establish a positive mood for interaction. Use a pleasant tone of voice and positive body language to communicate your message. When providing medication reminders or conveying a message, use facial expressions and physical touch when appropriate.

  • Ask simple, answerable questions.

    Ask only one question at a time and wait for an answer. Refrain from asking open-ended questions or providing too many choices. For instance, when providing personal care services in Conway, South Carolina, provide two to three clothing options to make it easier for your loved one to decide. Visual cues and prompts can also clarify your question and guide their response.

  • Capture your loved one’s attention.

    When approaching your loved one, state your name and your relation. As much as possible, try to limit distractions and noise – turn off the television or move to a quieter spot. To keep your loved one focused, use non-verbal cues and maintain eye contact.

  • Listen with your heart.

    When initiating conversation, be patient in waiting for your loved one to respond. Watch for body language and non-verbal cues, so you can respond appropriately. Strive to listen to the meaning and feelings behind their words.

Arrange comprehensive care with Hope and Freedom Home Care LLC. To learn more about dementia care, medication reminders in South Carolina, and similar services, get in touch with us today.

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